Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Manly Council Parking Permit

What a mission! First I apply for a Designated Parking Permit. 1 week later I receive the permit, but it states that I only get twice the hours on the sign in Permit holder zones. So in other words, in a 2P, I get 4 hours free. What the?

So then I find out that I actually need a special pass for my zone. I find out I'm in Tower Hill:

I then apply for the Tower Hill Permit Parking Scheme, I've just received the permit in my hot little hands! Then I read the little note on the sheet: "Permit Holders available at council for $4". I mean, bah, I don't need a permit holder for my permit now do I?

According to the rules, my permit is completely invalid without a permit holder. I now need to send a cheque or money order to Council for $4, and my Permit holder for my permit will be sent to me 2 weeks after payment is processed.

What the Ffff? So I now need to line up at a post office and get a money order for $4, how much do money orders cost? About that?
Or visit the council, from 8:30-5pm Monday to Friday, cause well I dont work now either.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Moment Upload


terribly windy today

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Train seat stess - Aisle Lurker?

This should become a public transport site not a dropbear jenny site.
I'm just wondering why people sit on the aisle side of a 2 seater when they have the opportunity of sitting next to the window. I mean, are they scared that they will get caught behind someone? Miss their stop? Even once a train arrives at a station, it's there for a good 30 seconds, that's lots of time to get to the door.

I'd understand if you were distracted and you just sat on the end, and then when someone else came along you just moved to the window, but why stand and let me in to sit back down in the aisle?

That window seat next to an aisle lurker is actually less desirable than taking an aisle seat on a 3 seater (with someone already at the window). Because naturally you think the aisle lurker is a weirdo. Almost as undesirable as the centre slot on the 3 seat, but that's obviously the worst slot.

I wonder if I could just hold onto the lurker. No! You can't get off! Now are you stressed?!? Maybe talk to the lurker, try and distract them from their stop.

Or I guess I could just ask them why - but that would be too easy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bus Hell to Wynyard

I used to catch the bus from Balgowlah to wynyard many years ago and I'm pretty sure that this problem didn't exist then. I just got on a bus after my Physio appointment in North Sydney (TAKE THE TRAIN!) and spent the last 35 minutes getting to Wynyard. It's completely choked at the bridge coming into Wynyard. Sitting there on the bus for 25-30 minutes on the bridge alone.

Are there more buses now? More people = more buses?
There's lots more services now, those M30 services etc, was that the straw on the Camels back?

It's gotta be fixed.

Well, I fixed it by moving. I'm moving to Manly on Monday, looking forward to catching the fast ferry. Will there be peak hour troubles then? Hopefully not. What happens when it's hectic weather? I guess I'll find out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My first ever music purchase online? Horrible!

I thought I should really be good and put back into the music industry, so I bought my first ringtone on my iPhone. Yes, I bought it using my iTunes account on my iPhone.

After the purchase, it wasn't in my ringtones, well that's odd. So I sync my laptop with my iphone, and now I've got the .m4a file in my library. But does iTunes on storm (my laptop) know its a ringtone? Nope. I even changed the filename to .m4r, still didn't recognise it.

I read something somewhere about syncing ringtones, and I checked my syncing settings in iTunes, and it was off. But then [the iPhone noob that I am] I turned on syncing, which actually deleted all music, videos and media on my phone. D'oh!

So I ended up finding this file from "purchased items" thank goodness, converting this .m4a file to mp3 with iTunes, then converted back to .m4a. Changed the name to .m4r, and whammo! It recognises the file as a ringtone.

How can ringtones be sold in itunes that don't work? That's crazy! I had to convert the file away from its format back to what it was to get it working.

So, first impression of my first ever music purchase online? Not impressed.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you dropbear aware?


Yummy sushi near kims work, usual diet before a climbing session

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are you dropbear aware?


my reflection in the lovely view